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Prevent & Reverse
High Blood Pressure.

Dr. Jesse Abend is a Board-Certified Family Medicine Doctor who helps his patients prevent & reverse type 2 diabetes with diet, exercise & lifestyle interventions.

Dr. Jesse Abend is a Board-Certified Family Medicine Doctor & Founder of AbendHealth.

The Silent Epidemic of High Blood Pressure.

High Blood Pressure is a silent killer - it’s one of the leading risk factors for most of the diseases we experience in the United States.

Heart Attacks

Our diet is a key pillar to our health & the underlying cause of most diseases.

Heart Failure

As humans, we are meant to move in order to stay healthy & live long.


Without good sleep habits, it is almost impossible to function & be healthy.


Stress leads to both mental & physical diseases which is why we must manage it.

Kidney Failure

Family history & genetics is important in understanding potential disease risk.

Addressing High Blood Pressure at the Root Cause.

Medications for High Blood Pressure only treat symptoms, but never address the underlying cause. Therefore, Dr. Abend works closely with his patients to fix their diet, exercise & lifestyle to actually reverse and prevent disease progression.

health coach.jpeg

Health Coaching

Dr. Abend’s team of expert Health Coaches will help you make sustainable & healthy changes to your diet & lifestyle so you can actually reverse and prevent type 2 diabetes at the root cause!


Exercise is one of the most effective treatments for Type 2 Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes which is why Dr. Abend provides Personal Training to help you incorporate more physical activity into your life!

personal trainer.jpeg


Medications are best used as tools to address the symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes such as elevated blood sugar. Dr. Abend can manage your medications while addressing your diabetes at the root cause!

Start Living Your Healthiest Life.

Team up with Dr. Abend to start addressing your High Blood Pressure at the root cause!

Initial Consultation
with Dr. Abend


Comprehensive Medical & Health History

Complete Physical Exam

Musculoskeletal Assessment

Personalized Blood Testing  & Analysis

Body Composition Analysis & EKG

Diet, Fitness & Lifestyle Assessment

Follow-Up Appointment & Personalized Health Plan

Affordable Healthcare

Become a Patient.

Schedule below or call 973-532-2095 to schedule a consult with Dr. Abend.


A Doctor who
Practices what he Preaches.

Dr. Jesse Abend believes deeply in the power of exercise, nutrition & living an overall healthy lifestyle in the prevention of most diseases - which is what inspired him to become a doctor in the first place.

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