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Dr. Jesse Abend | AbendHealth

Weight Loss
Done Right.

Dr. Abend combines his medical expertise with his compassionate & highly effective health coaching to help you achieve sustainable weight loss & better health, the right way.

Comprehensive Medical Support

Dr. Jesse Abend is a Board-Certified Family Medicine Doctor who takes a comprehensive medical approach to your weight loss. 

Dedicated Health Coaching Team

Our Health Coaches work with you 1-1 to set personalized and sustainable diet & lifestyle goals, keeping you accountable throughout your journey.

Sustainable Weight Loss & Health Results

Through our holistic and science-based approach, Dr. Abend and his team of expert Health Coaches help you lose weight & get healthy, the right way!

A Comprehensive Weight Loss Solution.

Dr. Abend and his team of expert Health Coaches provide the comprehensive medical care, 24/7 support & 1-on-1 accountability that you need in order to become a healthier, happier you!

AbendHealth Consult

1-on-1 Consult with Dr. Abend

Our program begins with an initial virtual consult with Dr. Abend. He’ll review your entire medical & lifestyle history, order personalized blood work, manage any medications & craft a personalized weight loss plan tailored just for you!

AbendHealth Coach

Personal Health Coaching

Every week you’ll meet virtually 1-on-1 with your personal AbendHealth Coach. They’ll help you set sustainable diet, fitness & lifestyle goals while providing you with the personalized support and accountability you need to stick to the weight loss plan!

AbendHealth Labwork

Continued Health Monitoring

Dr. Abend will meet with you virtually every 3 months to provide continuous follow-up care. He will review your progress, order & analyze personalized blood work, continue to manage any medications and keep you on track!


Real, Lasting Results

Through Dr. Abend’s comprehensive & holistic weight loss program, you’ll finally achieve long-lasting weight loss and health results that you can actually sustain, while living your healthiest & happiest life free of disease!


Addressing Weight at the Root Cause.

Through our holistic weight loss program, Dr. Abend and his Health Coaches will address all the underlying components of what causes us to gain weight and become unhealthy including diet, fitness, mindset, stress, sleep, biology & environment.

"Dr. Abend and Coach Haley have been a revelation in my weight loss journey. After trying countless methods, including considering weight loss drugs like Wegovy, I felt stuck. But with their holistic approach, they truly listened, delving into every aspect of my health, and crafted a personalized weight loss plan. It wasn't about quick fixes; it was about sustainable change. Thanks to their support and guidance, I not only shed the weight but also learned how to keep it off. They've transformed my life, and I couldn't recommend them enough for anyone seeking a holistic and effective path to weight wellness!"

-Amy L.

Start Your Weight Loss Journey Today.

Team up with Dr. Abend & his expert Health Coaches to start losing weight and living healthier the right way today!

Plans starting at


Initial Comprehensive Medical Consultation

4 Virtual Follow-Up Sessions Annually

Personalized Bloodwork Orders & Analysis

Weekly Sessions With Your Personal Coach

Weight Loss Medications (i.e. Wegovy)

Medication & Chronic Disease Management

24/7 Health Coaching Support

A Doctor You Can Trust.

Dr. Jesse Abend is a Board-Certified Family Medicine Doctor who has devoted his life to helping people get healthy the right way. Although he can & does prescribe weight loss medication, he works harder to provide high quality coaching support so people don’t have to just rely on medications.

Schedule a Free Call.

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