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Better Health Starts Here.

Start living your longest, healthiest and happiest life today with a Coach.

  • Most Popular!

    Monthly Membership

    Every month
    Billed every 4 weeks. Cancel anytime after 3 months.
    • Initial Diet & Lifestyle Analysis & Plan
    • Four (Weekly) Virtual Sessions with your Coach every Month
    • Unlimited Access to your Coach via Text-Message
    • Virtual Monitoring of your Food Log by your Coach
    • Expert Nutrition Advice & Accountability
  • Weight Loss Consultation

    Valid for one month
    • 1 Hour Appointment
    • Comprehensive Medical & Health History
    • Complete Physical Exam
    • Personalized Weight Loss Assessment
    • Personalized Blood Testing & Analysis
    • Body Composition Analysis
    • Diet, Fitness & Lifestyle Assessment
    • Personalized Weight Loss Plan
  • OSR Therapy Session

    Single OSR Session
    Valid for one month
    • 25 Minute Full-Body OSR Session
    • Soft-Tissue & Myofascial Massage
    • Active & Passive Full Range of Motion Stretching
    • Cranial Therapy
  • OSR Therapy Membership

    Every month
    2 OSR Sessions Per Month (Save 9%)
    • OSR Therapy Membership

      Every month
      4 OSR Sessions Per Month (Save 16%)
      • OSR Therapy Membership

        Every month
        8 OSR Sessions Per Month (Save 23%)
        • Proactive Health Consultation

          • 1 Hour Comprehensive Health Assessment
          • Nutrition, Fitness, Sleep, Stress & Medical Analysis
          • Body Composition Analysis
          • Lab Testing & Monitoring
          • Personalized Health & Lifestyle Plan

        Commit Longer, Save More. 

        Better health doesn't happen overnight. Make the commitment and save money.

        • 3 Month Membership

          Save $15 when you pay in full for 3 months.
          Valid for 3 months
        • 3 Month Membership

          Save $15 when you pay in full for 3 months.
          Valid for 3 months
        • 6 Month Membership

          Save $50 when you pay in full for 6 months.
          Valid for 6 months
        • 12 Month Membership

          Save $150 when you pay in full for 12 months.
          Valid for 12 months

        Coaching is the Cure.

        Stop trying new diets, fads and one-size-fits-all programs and team up with a Coach who will actually get to know you on a personal level and find the exact diet that works for you.

        1-1 Video Chat

        Meet weekly with your personal coach face-to-face.

        Unlimited Support

        Stay in touch with your coach via text-message during the week.

        Doctor Approved

        Created by a doctor to help you stay away from the doctor!

        Have more questions?

        Give us a call or leave a message and we'll get back to you shortly!

        • What is the purpose of the initial 12-week commitment?
          12 weeks is the perfect amount of time to "kick-start" your diet and health goals! By working 1-on-1 with your coach for this initial 12 week period, you'll begin to successfully hit both your short and long-term goals setting you up for a lifetime of success! During this time, you'll meet weekly with your coach and will begin setting personalized diet and health goals unique to your lifestyle. Your coach will keep you accountable throughout the week by checking-in routinely and monitoring your food log. You will also have 24/7 access to your coach through text-message should any questions arise! Over the course of these important 12 weeks, you will start to see significant improvements in your diet and health and will finally be on your way to becoming the healthiest version of yourself!
        • Can I eat "normal" food or do I have to follow a meal plan or strict diet?
          You can absolutely eat "normal" food! We believe that diet is 100% personal and in order for you to succeed, you have to be able to eat foods that you actually like - there are no restrictions! Our coaches are specially trained to help you manage your weight and get healthier by focusing on foods that you enjoy. By helping you make small, healthy modifications to your current diet, you'll be able to acheive all of your health goals for good!
        • What happens during a "Virtual Coaching Session" and how long does it last?
          A Virtual Coaching Session serves as a weekly opportunity to meet 1-on-1 with your coach. Over mobile device or computer, you'll review your past week's nutrition and health goals, progress, results, and discuss any issues you have had or currently are having with your nutrition and lifestyle plan. Meeting on a weekly basis also helps most people stay accountable and motivated! These sessions are designed to be efficient and effective typically lasting around 15 minutes - giving you and your coach plenty of time to review your progress and set new, exciting goals!
        • Do I meet with my coach "face-to-face" during a virtual session?
          Yes! We believe that live, face-to-face virtual sessions (through Zoom or FaceTime) with your Coach is key to long-term success! It is important to know that there is a real, live person who cares about your health goals and is truly rooting you on!
        • How often will my coach check-in on me through text during the week?
          Your coach will have 24/7, live access to your food log and will be able to monitor every food and lifestyle choice you log throughout the week. In addition to your weekly 1-on-1 coaching session, your coach will also provide real-time, personalized feedback and motivation at least two times throughout the week.
        • How long will it take for my coach to respond to my text messages?
          Your coach will respond to your messages within 24 hours during the week and within 48 hours during the weekend. (But usually it's a lot quicker than that!)
        • Is Nutrition Coaching only good for losing weight?
          Nutrition is about so much more than just weight-loss. Although weight-loss is usually a positive side-effect of eating a healthy diet and typically the main reason why most people become interested in eating healthier, nutrition is the backbone of good general health. Healthy nutrition affects every organ from your brain to your eyes to your heart to your liver to your kidneys, etc. and functions to keep your body operating at its highest capacity. At HealthieCoach, although we will help you lose and manage your weight by focusing on appropriate calorie consumption, we also emphasize the importance of eating quality foods with the purpose of keeping the rest of your body healthy. In addition, healthy nutrition also affects your mind and plays a big role in your overall mental health as well.
        • Why do I need to download the "Lose It!" app and is it free?"
          We use the "Lose It!" app as a digital tool to track your foods, calories, weight, and other nutrition markers daily. This allows us to better understand where you can improve, what nutrition goals need to be set, and also allows you to become more self-aware of the food you eat. The Lose It! app is free, but you can upgrade to the Premium Version for around $3/month on The premium version features the ability to track more nutritional markers such as macronutrients, which can provide us with additional insight into your diet.
        • Can I pick my coach?
          You will be paired with your coach initially based on availability of the coaches. However, all AbendHealth Coaches are trained according to the same coaching guidelines so that regardless of your assigned coach, you will get the same, high-quality, expert coaching. If for some reason you find you would like to try a different coach, you can request to do so at any time!
        • Why does Dr. Abend only hire coaches with backgrounds as Registered Dietitians?
          Registered Dietitians (RDs) are some of the most highly-qualified nutrition professionals. RDs generally have gone through the most rigorous education and testing before they are able to graduate with their RD degree. RDs in general tend to be far more qualified and competent compared to those without their RD degree. As a medical doctor, Dr. Abend believes knowledge and education is extremely important when providing the highest quality coaching, which is why he only currently hires RDs as coaches.
        • What type of doctor is Dr. Abend?
          Dr. Jesse Abend is a Board-Certified Family Medicine Doctor. As a licensed medical doctor, he had to complete 4 years of medical school plus a 3 year Family Medicine Residency and pass his Board Certification Exam.
        • How involved is Dr. Abend in AbendHealth and its members?
          Dr. Abend is very involved in AbendHealth. As the founder, Dr. Abend takes great pride in making sure his company and coaches are doing everything they can to help their members become the healthiest versions of themselves. Dr. Abend's mission is to create a healthier world by preventing disease, which is why he is so passionate about his "pro-active approach" to health. Dr. Abend also provides preventative Telehealth services to patients living in New Jersey. If you live in NJ and are interested in having Dr. Abend as your doctor, please go to our "Telehealth" page to learn more.
        • Will my FSA/HSA cover Health Coaching?
          If you qualify, your FSA/HSA will pay for our Health Coaching after obtaining a "Letter of Medical Necessity" from your doctor. If you need help with this process, please email Dr. Abend at
        • What is your "30-Day Money-Back Guarantee"?
          If after the first month you find that a coach isn't for you, we'll refund your money back in full.
        • How do I cancel my membership?
          If you signed up for the "Monthly Membership", you will be able to cancel or change plans after the initial 12 weeks. If you do decide to cancel or change plans, all you have to do is notify your coach that you would like to cancel and you will no longer be billed starting the next billing period. If you signed up for one of the "Commitment" memberships (3 month/6 month/12 month) and would like to cancel, you will only be able to cancel once the duration of your membership has ended.
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