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BRAND IS EVERYTHING: Best Names in Food Products

One of the most important things you can do when shopping for food is to select the right brand. This is because the quality of food products vary greatly between companies. This difference in quality, although they may be the same exact food, will make a huge difference in your health. Therefore it is vital that you choose the best brands when it comes to what you eat!

Here are some of the top brands in food you need to switch to right away:

1. Applegate

Thought hotdogs and bacon were bad for you? Think again! Applegate’s meat selection offers products free of nitrites and nitrates - preservatives that have been associated with certain types of cancer. Applegate also raises their animals grass-fed, so you know you’re taking in more nutrients as well as supporting better farming practices.

2. Kodiak Cakes

Pancakes and waffles for breakfast? If they’re made from Kodiak Cakes, then absolutely! Kodiak Cakes only uses whole grains in their mix so you know the carbohydrates you are consuming are packed with nutrition. Kodiak Cakes also incorporate whey protein in most of their items so that your meal is better balanced and more healthful.

3. Siggi’s

Yogurt can make a great snack because of its convenience and nutritional content. However, the problem with most yogurts on the market is that they contain so much added sugars and preservatives. Not Siggi’s though. Siggi’s is one of the few brands that offers a delicious yogurt full of protein and other beneficial nutrients with only minimal added sugar and no preservatives.

4. The Farmer’s Hen

Eggs have gotten a real bad rap these days due to all the controversy regarding their cholesterol content. However, many research studies show that a few eggs a day do not raise cholesterol, and in fact, promote better health because of their excellent nutrient profile. The Farmer’s Hen’s eggs are organic and cage free which means that their chickens are fed a premium diet and live in humane conditions - which should be of top priority when choosing your brand of eggs.

5. Wild Planet

Not all seafood is made equal. Although there are obvious health benefits to seafood, buying the wrong brand of canned seafood products can actually be detrimental to your health. Wild Planet, however, only uses sustainably and wild-caught seafood which is best for you and the planet!

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