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Don't Judge, Diet is Personal.

With so much controversy surrounding different types of diets, maybe diet is more personal than we think.

Your diet depends on many unique factors.

Food is meant to provide us with the nutrients we need to function and live, and we all function and live differently.

Physical Activity

There are athletes, gym rats, and chair-sitters. All of these types of people will require different amounts and types of foods based on their activity level.

Health Conditions

Many of us have particular health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, celiac, Crohn’s, and many other conditions that will play a big role on what we can and can’t eat.


We all have evolved from different places on earth and this evolution has shaped how we process certain types of foods.


Our body functions and processes food differently as we age.


Depending on where we live, not all of us have access to the same types of food products.


Not all of us want to live for as long as we possibly can. Not all of us care about six pack abs and 6% body fat.


Money limits us on the quality of food we can buy. Some can afford higher quality while others can’t.


We may not know completely why we prefer different foods, but we do.


Many of us have strong beliefs on how our food should be grown and raised, limiting our food choices.


Life is tough. Food makes us happy.


Many social gatherings are structured around food.

What diet do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!

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