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EAT THIS: Quick & Healthy Breakfast Options

Sometimes, we just need something easy to make that doesn’t require much effort, time, or money; Especially when it comes to breakfast. Here are a few quick and easy breakfast foods that will keep it simple and tasty while providing you with important nutrients.

1. Eggs

A classic breakfast food and one of the simplest to prepare, eggs have gotten a bad rap for their cholesterol content. However, the high amounts of cholesterol in eggs is usually nothing to worry about since cholesterol in food does not have much of an effect on most peoples’ blood cholesterol. However, eggs do contain saturated fat, which is linked to increased blood cholesterol. In moderation, eggs make a great simple breakfast!

Quick Tip: Mix some of your favorite cheese into your scrambled eggs (or preferred style) with a side of cooked spinach or another preferred vegetable to get in a balance of nutrients.

2. Oatmeal

Like eggs, carbohydrates have gotten a bad rap, too. But also like eggs, there are many health benefits of carbohydrates, plus they make life both enjoyable and simpler. Oatmeal is a great carbohydrate since it is a whole-grain and a quick and easy choice when you’re on the go.

Quick Tip: Get microwaveable oatmeal and just add water. Usually this only takes a few minutes, plus you can add your favorite toppings like fruit, nuts, cinnamon, and other healthful options to give you a wide variety of nutrients.

3. Breakfast Sausage

A good protein source that will fill you up. Not only does it taste great but it takes only minutes to prepare. But make sure you choose a brand with quality ingredients!

Quick Tip: Best Brands: Bilinski’s & Applegate. Already pre-cooked, just place them in a pan or pop them in the microwave and enjoy in minutes!

4. Yogurt

A quick, easy, and portable option with a good balance of nutrients for those who can tolerate dairy products. But make sure you pick the right brand, because certain brands can contain extra added sugars.

Quick Tip: Greek vs. Original: Which is better? Depends on which you prefer. Neither is “better.” Greek tends to have more protein than original, but a thicker consistency and "tangier" taste. Just make sure you buy quality brands that don’t have too much added sugars.

5. Nothing

Some people are not hungry in the morning, which is okay. Sometimes when your body is telling you something, you should listen to it. However, just make sure the absence of breakfast doesn’t make you overeat later in the day.

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