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Focus on the overall quality, not just one nutrient.

Fat plays a very important role in our health.

Fat functions to maintain our cellular structure, insulates and protects our organs, regulates our immune system, and serves as a source of energy.

However, ‘saturated fat’ in particular has gotten a bad rap over the years.

Many guidelines recommend limiting your intake of saturated fat because it has been associated with heart disease and strokes.

However, this remains controversial as there are many healthful foods that are high in saturated fat.

Some of these ‘nutrient-dense’ foods include grass-fed meat, eggs, nuts, and whole-milk yogurt.

In reality, it is never just ‘one’ nutrient that is bad for you, rather it is the total composition of the food itself.

What matters most is the quality of the food as a whole and making sure you are eating a balanced, ‘whole-food’, and minimally processed diet!

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