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Is a Whole-Foods Plant-Based diet really that wholesome?

What is it:

The Whole-Foods Plant-Based (WFPB) diet focuses on “whole, minimally processed” foods such as vegetables, whole grains, legumes, seeds, and nuts while reducing or eliminating animal products.

How it works:

By excluding “refined”foods such as those with added sugars and low nutritional value (white pasta, white bread, sugary cereals, etc.) and limiting animal products, a WFPB diet can offer a variety of high-quality nutrients needed to keep the body healthy and prevent disease.

Some potential health benefits:

May reduce intake of processed foods that can lead to diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and obesity.

May provide many important nutrients such as flavonoids and fiber which have many health benefits.

May help reduce total calorie intake which can lead to weight-loss.

Some potential health risks:

A WFPB diet may not or only provide minimal amounts of certain nutrients that are vital to health such as B12, iron, and protein.

Animal products that are humanely-raised, grass-fed, and minimally processed may provide many nutrients that are important to our health.

Our take:

We believe that there are many benefits to a WFPB diet especially when it comes to the quality of the food it promotes. However, evidence to show that animal products are harmful - particularly those which are humanely-raised, grass-fed, and minimally processed - remains controversial. Animal products contain many important nutrients, some of which are not found or found in negligible amounts in plant foods. Therefore, people may benefit from both animal and plant-based foods, but the amounts needed may vary from individual to individual.

And remember, whenever you begin to make changes to your diet, never make drastic changes, always make slow changes over a longer period of time!

Getting a coach can help you out if you need a little guidance and accountability when it comes to eating healthier! #Getacoach by going to our "Plans" page!

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