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Is the Mediterranean Diet the best diet?

What is it:

The Mediterranean Diet (MD) is based on the eating traditions of those who historically lived in some of the countries around the Mediterranean Sea.

How it works:

Studies have shown that by eating a MD, or a diet consisting mainly of whole, plant-based foods, seafood, and limiting animal-based and processed foods, people can prevent many of the chronic illnesses we commonly are affected with today.

Some potential health benefits:

May help with weight-loss.

May help prevent disease and improve overall health.

May provide all the necessary nutrients.

Some potential health risks:

Animal-based products such as red meat, when sourced humanely and grass-fed, may offer various nutritional benefits.

Our take:

We believe that a MD promotes an overall great structure that many people can benefit from. We appreciate that it focuses on the overall quality of the food and obtaining important nutrients from various sources, both plant and animal-based. However, some may find they prefer to incorporate more red meat in their diet than is recommended by the MD.

And remember, whenever you begin to make changes to your diet, never make drastic changes, always make slow changes over a longer period of time!

Getting a coach can help you out if you need a little guidance and accountability when it comes to eating healthier! #Getacoach by going to our "Plans" page!

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