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Too Good to be True: Lose 8 lbs in a Week?

It is true that people can lose 8 pounds or even more in one week - but should you?

Your body, naturally, does not want to lose this amount of weight in one week. It will, however, lose it rather easily if you do make a sudden and drastic change in the amount of calories you take in. However, after this initial “honeymoon period”, you should be prepared to gain it all back.

Your body is smart. Once it realizes you’re feeding it less food, it basically begins to slow down. This is a protective response to make sure you do not starve. As you keep consuming less and less calories, your body starts to send other strong signals that you need to eat, including a hormonal response.

Eventually, your body’s extremely powerful response system is too overwhelming and almost always results in you gaining your weight back.

So how do you prevent this endless cycle?

Everyone is different, but research shows you should not decrease your daily caloric intake by more than 1000 calories. Restricting beyond 1000 tends to be unsustainable and almost always leads to failure.

Don’t know how many calories you normally eat in a day? Eat your regular diet and log your daily foods into the @loseitapp. Do this for one week. Once you see how many calories you typically eat, you can then set a goal to decrease them by 250-500 daily (our recommendation).

If you need more help tracking your calories or staying accountable, get a coach! #Getacoach

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