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Top 3 Reasons Why Diets Fail

More than 95% of people fail at their diets. Ever wonder why?

Here are three top reasons:

1) No Accountability

Changing your diet - for good - takes time. A healthy diet doesn’t happen over night and it’s not something you can change in an instant. Real dietary change happens when you stay accountable and make small changes day after day until it becomes a lifestyle.

2) Wrong Science

Many diets don’t always promote the best methods or the best nutrition. When this happens, people may experience quick weight-loss initially but almost always will end up gaining it back and revert back to their old ways.

3) Loss of Motivation

Changing your diet and losing weight - the right way - can be a very slow process. Often times, people forget why they started doing it in the first place when they don’t see big physical changes. This loss of motivation eventually leads to giving up.

So how do you succeed at eating a healthier diet and losing weight for good?

Keep yourself accountable. Understand that changing your diet means changing your lifestyle and this takes time. Keep yourself accountable by setting small weekly goals in order to make real, lasting changes in your dietary behaviors.

Understand the basics of nutrition science. When you understand that nutrition is rather simple when broken down - eat an appropriate amount of calories and consume all of your recommended nutrients - you will no longer get tricked into the endless cycle of fad diets and weight-loss tricks.

Remember why it’s important to eat healthy. When you understand that eating healthy is about much more than just losing weight, it will be easier to stay motivated when you’re able to focus on all the other health benefits besides just weight-loss.

In the end, changing your diet can be very challenging. To help you with this process there are many great tools such as nutrition apps, meals plans, and other resources available online. Working with a qualified nutrition coach is also one of the best ways you can stay accountable, guided, and motivated if it’s too difficult to do all on your own!

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