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What is a "Nutrition Coach" exactly?

Nutrition coaches are becoming increasingly popular but what exactly is one?

The easiest way to understand what a nutrition coach does is to think of a nutrition coach like you would a personal trainer.

A personal trainer is someone who helps keep you accountable, motivated, and guides you on how to exercise correctly.

A nutrition coach does essentially the same thing, but with food.

A nutrition coach focuses on helping you eat a healthier diet based on general nutrition guidelines.

Just like fitness, a diet is a lifestyle and requires you to stick with it and stay persistent. A nutrition coach keeps you accountable so that you can turn your diet into a lifestyle.

Much like a personal trainer, a nutrition coach can be an effective and affordable tool to help you achieve better health, nutrition, and weight-loss successfully!

If you would like to learn more about nutrition coaching and just how effective and affordable it can be, click on the "Why a Coach" link in our website!

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