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Your body doesn't want less calories.

The problem is - if you’re like most people - you probably need to be eating less.

So how do you fix this disconnection between what your brain knows and what your body wants?

Simple. Through understanding and compassion.

Your body thinks it's protecting you. It thinks that saving all this energy (in the form of fat) is going to protect you from starving to death. Unfortunately, you’re body is still not yet aware of “take-out” and “delivery”.

It gets scared whenever you start decreasing the amount of food you’re used to eating - it thinks it will run out. It begins slowing down it’s metabolism, using less energy, and makes you more tired and hungry. These “protective mechanisms” or “urges” are what typically cause most people to gain all their weight back.

But when you understand what your body is doing and why it is doing it (to “save” you), you begin to have compassion for your body and start to address the problem the right way.

By decreasing your total calories only a little bit at a time (we recommend no more than about 500 calories/day), your body can safely adjust and learn to accept that it needs to lose some of those extra pounds it’s been hanging on to.

This small daily decrease in calories is not scary to your body and overtime it learns to adapt. You won’t lose 20 pounds in your first month, but the weight you do lose over months to years won’t ever come back.

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