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Your Health is #1

There is no doubt this is a scary and unnerving time.

To get through and to protect each other, we must follow the right precautions, stay home, and distance ourselves.

However, it is important to acknowledge the importance of our overall health and survival.

This virus has affected almost all ages, but those who are older in poor health, on medications, overweight and who smoke are at highest risk.

If anything, this time we have alone with ourselves can be a good time to reflect on the overall condition of our own health.

Am I doing everything I can to stay in shape?

Am I following a proper diet or am I eating in excess?

Am I giving my body the exercise it needs to stay healthy?

Do I have medical conditions that are preventable with healthier lifestyle choices?

Obviously, the most crucial thing to be doing at this time is to be staying at home especially if you are at high risk.

But with all of this spare time and not much to do, it would be smart to start planning and executing a healthier lifestyle from here on out in order to protect yourself from the future.

Stay well. Stay safe. Stay healthy.

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