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Primary Care the way it should be.

Dr. Jesse Abend is a Board-Certified Family Medicine Doctor who takes a “whole-person”, preventative approach to primary care & health.

Dr. Jesse Abend is a Board-Certified Family Medicine Doctor & Founder of AbendHealth.

Addressing Disease at the Root Cause.

Through taking the time necessary to address your underlying lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, stress, sleep & genetics, Dr. Abend is able to actually get to the root of disease instead of just treating symptoms.


Our diet is a key pillar to our health & the underlying cause of most diseases.


As humans, we are meant to move in order to stay healthy & live long.


Without good sleep habits, it is almost impossible to function & be healthy.


Stress leads to both mental & physical diseases which is why we must manage it.


Family history & genetics is important in understanding potential disease risk.

More than Medication.

In addition to his medical services, Dr. Abend is unique in that he provides additional proactive & preventative health services through AbendHealth so you don’t have to rely solely on medications.

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Health Coaching

Dr. Abend’s team of expert Health Coaches will help you make sustainable & long-term changes to your diet & health!

Personal Training

Dr. Abend provides 1-on-1 & group personal training to help you incorporate more physical activity into your life!

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Osteopathic Manipulation

Dr. Abend is trained in Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy to help you overcome & prevent musculoskeletal pain & injury.

Prevent & Reverse Disease, Naturally.

At AbendHealth, Dr. Abend’s main focus and objective is to help each and every one of his patients live their healthiest, happiest and longest lives by preventing & reversing the following diseases.

Pre-Diabetes & Type 2 Diabetes
High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol
Heart Disease & Stroke
Chronic Pain
Kidney Disease
Autoimmune Disease
& More

Real, Affordable Healthcare.

Not bound by restrictive & inherently flawed health insurance rules, Dr. Abend is able to provide effective health & preventative services based on his own unique philosophy at an extremely affordable cost.

Initial Consultation
with Dr. Abend


Comprehensive Medical & Health History

Complete Physical Exam

Musculoskeletal Assessment

Personalized Blood Testing  & Analysis

Body Composition Analysis & EKG

Diet, Fitness & Lifestyle Assessment

Follow-Up Appointment & Personalized Health Plan

Affordable Healthcare

Become a Patient.

Schedule below or call 973-532-2095 to schedule a consult with Dr. Abend.


A Doctor who
Practices what he Preaches.

Dr. Jesse Abend believes deeply in the power of exercise, nutrition & living an overall healthy lifestyle in the prevention of disease.

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