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Imagine who you could be if you finally lost the weight for good.

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Addressing Weight at the Root Cause

Dr. Jesse Abend is a Board-Certified Family Medicine Doctor who helps his patients lose weight for good by getting to the root cause.

+ Diet

Maintaining a healthy diet that we can sustain is key to weight loss.

+ Exercise

Routine physical activity is important for long-term weight loss results.

+ Sleep

Regular sleep helps stabilize our hormones which leads to better diet control.

+ Stress

Uncontrolled stress can lead to  emotional eating leading to weight gain.

+ Genetics

Our genetics can play a role in how our body stores and maintains its weight.

More Than Medications

Dr. Abend is able to help his patients lose weight naturally and keep it off sustainably through his comprehensive lifestyle & medical approach.

Weight Loss Consultation 

Dr. Abend performs an extensive weight loss assessment covering everything from your nutrition to fitness to bloodwork.

Healthy Food
AbendHealth Coaching

Health Coaching

Dr. Abend’s team of expert Health Coaches work with his patients 1-on-1 to help them sustainably eat healthier & lose weight.

Optimize Your Health

In addition to weight loss, Dr. Abend is uniquely skilled and effective in helping his patients prevent & reverse the following chronic health conditions:

+ Overweight/Obesity
+ Pre-Diabetes & Type 2 Diabetes
+ High Blood Pressure
+ High Cholesterol
+ Heart Disease & Stroke
+ Chronic Pain
+ Kidney Disease
+ Autoimmune Disease
& More

Lose Weight For Good with Dr. Abend

Dr. Abend accepts most major health insurances. Click the button below to book a New Patient Appointment with Dr. Abend at his private office in Rockaway, NJ or virtually.

Imagine a doctor who practiced what he preached.

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