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Imagine a Primary Care Doctor who gave you the time you deserve.

Comprehensive Primary Care

Dr. Abend spends the time necessary with each of his patients to provide the highest quality primary medical care.

Doctor Examining Patient

Annual Physicals

Dr. Abend provides comprehensive yearly physicals to screen for disease and provide anticipatory medical guidance going forward.

Sick & Urgent Care Visits

Dr. Abend can treat patients for acute illnesses such as viruses (Covid, Flu), infections, UTIs & other urgent care issues.

Blood Test

Screening & Testing

Dr. Abend will order the necessary comprehensive bloodwork to screen for various health conditions such as cholesterol, anemia, thyroid, liver, etc.

Chronic Disease & Medication Management

Dr. Abend can manage most chronic diseases, refer to specialists, refill medications & provide all-around comprehensive primary care services.

Prescription Drugs
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